"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi

we love making things

Most everything we sell, we make with our own hands (and sewing machines)--the clothing, the jewelry, and the occasional hand print. We save our fabric scraps and dream of creative ways to use them. And if there's something we can't do ourselves, we try to find a friend or neighbor who can.

we love textile traditions

We love fabrics which embody ancient traditions. Touching a beautifully crafted linen or silk can be transcendental. In our disposable world, we love to believe this past holds valuable knowledge--and maybe even secrets--for a better future.

we love nature

Like most in Vermont, we love being here. Nature is the master of design. Every walk in the woods inspires a fresh look at color, texture, and layering, besides being a sure-fire way to unplug and log out.

we love daydreaming

What's the best shape for a beautiful fabric? How can we improve fit? What can our small company do to make a small (or big) difference? These are questions we ask ourselves all the time. Oh, the possibilities...

we love the quiet power of women

Women achieve wonders every day in their families, in their communities, in their work, and in the world. They deserve to be adored and, yes, well-adorned.

we love simplicity

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